Strategic Security Management

‘Every business is unique, which is why we work in partnership with organisations to help them develop their own security policies and procedures’ -

Dan Hooton, MD

The Challenge:

Keeping employees safe is paramount

Reputations that are critical for business can take decades to build but can be lost in a moment

It is essential to recognise the risks posed by remote or hostile environments, and to develop strategies to manage them

WHAT WE can DO for you:

  • Our vastly experienced consulting team can identify gaps in your existing business systems and clarify the impact different security threats could have on both your staff and operations

  • We articulate our strategic guidance in an easily understandable language to give clear recommendations and a range of options to enhance the resilience and risk management of your business or organisation

  • Ultimately, we aim to enable organisations to become self-sufficient in their own strategic security management


  • Spearfish provide a wide range of consulting services to many different clients, from small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) to FTSE100 businesses

  • As well as having extensive strategic security experience with a range of UK government, development sector organisations and private sector companies, Spearfish have supported many UK businesses when they have faced specific security issues

  • We help all these organisations find the balance they need to start up, maintain and advance operations confidently and safely