Spearfish Overwatch

‘Providing a range of travel security services, suitable for large corporate clients, right down to individual travellers’

- Andy Munro, Global Security Analyst


We understand that when you plan a trip for yourself or your team you may require more than one service. Our Spearfish Overwatch department looks at all your requirements, from up to the minute pre-travel risk assessments, to in-country alerts and tracking services and, finally, security plans designed to counter a range of emergency situations.


Travel Tracking 

Two tracking solutions are also available, to reassure travellers that help is on standby. One option is 'automatic' tracking, using a discreet smartphone app, while another relies upon daily check-ins with the Spearfish team. In emergencies, tracking ensures that Spearfish Overwatch can quickly locate the traveller, and respond accordingly. 

Security Plans 

To ensure that travellers can react immediately to a security situation, Spearfish Overwatch offer tailored Security Plans, providing a guide to follow in the event of an emergency such as a terrorist attack, earthquake or disease outbreak. These plans are specific to each trip, and contain easy-to-follow maps to guide the traveller to safe havens away from the threat, while also providing local emergency numbers.

Trip Risk Assessment (TRA)

Spearfish’s experienced security analysts guide travellers through the major risks to their trip, providing detailed risk assessment, practicable mitigation and sound advice.

To ensure that assessments are as accurate, reliable and timely as possible, the Spearfish team draw upon a network of vetted local contacts, and employ social media scanning software and commercial intelligence sources. 

In addition, pre-travel briefs can be delivered to help prepare travellers for any trip. These provide approved hotel and reputable hospital recommendations, personal security tips tailored to each location, and airport arrival guidance. 

Overwatch Alerting 

Spearfish Overwatch keeps travellers informed of security incidents in their vicinity, while providing immediate advice. We scan thousands of live social media reports, monitor local media and liaise with a network of local contacts, alerting travellers as and when necessary.