Privacy Policy

We understand that privacy is important to our clients and as such we are committed to respecting their privacy and protecting their personal information.

Spearfish Security Ltd is the data controller of any personal data collected through our website and across our business and will process such information in accordance with applicable data protection law including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (in force from 25 May 2018). Any enquiries relating to data protection issues should be sent to

Spearfish Security Ltd will only use the personal information supplied by our clients for the purposes for which such information was provided, including services and training, invites, conferences or events that are of interest to our clients. We will hold on to this information for the length of the contract. After the contract is finished, we will contact them again to ask if they would like their information to be deleted or kept on our system.

If an individual has registered and attended a Spearfish training course, we will delete their information after a period 3 years. We may contact them from time to time during that period to advise them of new courses and services. If you no longer wish Spearfish Security Ltd t contact details, you may withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to

Spearfish Security Ltd. only collects personal information or data that is voluntarily supplied. By way of examples, users of the website may wish to provide personal information for the purposes of:

• Subscribing to any marketing or mailing initiatives.

• Making contact with Spearfish Security Ltd.

Information supplied for such purposes may include e-mail addresses, contact addresses, educational details and any other additional information that users may choose to supply. These data collection forms does not use cookies.

Spearfish Security Ltd will not share any personal information with third parties unless required by law, required to enable the fulfilment of the purpose for which the personal information was originally supplied or as otherwise set out in this policy. In submitting personal information, it is giving explicit consent for such usage. Spearfish Security Ltd remains liable to you in respect of its obligations concerning your personal data in cases of onward transfers to third parties.

Dan Hooton,

Managing Director

May, 2018  


Code of Conduct

The success of our company relies in no small part on our reputation and conduct, both whilst deployed with clients and in the various working environments we find ourselves in. 

To that end, this code of practice is to be followed by all Directors, employees and contractors whilst they are representing Spearfish. 

Spearfish will at all times uphold the highest standards in terms of quality of personnel, operating procedures, equipment provision and appropriate pay and remuneration. 

Spearfish will maintain proper company management systems, oversight of deployed personnel and proper insurance policies. 

Spearfish personnel will always maintain a smart appearance at all times.  Alcohol will not be consumed immediately prior to and whilst on task and personnel shall in no way associate themselves with any form of drug taking at any time. 

Any disagreement with a client must be dealt with courteously and in the correct manner, contractors and employees will seek advice from a Spearfish Director if such an occasion arises.  The Directors, in a timely and correct fashion, will deal with any grievances or complaints towards Spearfish or any individuals associated with us. 

Any client interaction, mindful of sensitive issues (e.g. gender, religion, age, stereotyping etc.) Beef up paragraph, lewd jokes, reference to terrorism, how to we refer to them e.g. militants and terrorists, etc, culture, race,  

All Spearfish materials and client information shall be considered to be Confidential Information and Spearfish retains all Intellectual Property Rights in relation to it.  Employees and contractors must not disseminate any Confidential Information without prior permission from Spearfish.  

Any breach of this Code Of Conduct could lead to employee dismissal and termination of contract.  

Dan Hooton,

Managing Director

May 2018