Spearfish are proud to be an official sponsor of ADMEI, The Association for Destination Management Executives

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Duty of Care is fast becoming more about effective staff security awareness rather than just insurance and compliance.

Spearfish are proud to become official sponsors of ADMEI and look forward to continuing their work together. Last week our Managing Director, Dan Hooton led a One Day Emergency Preparedness Course in Florida and will be leading this course again in Barcelona and Puerto Rico later this year.

Throughout an Emergency Preparedness course, attendees participate in group exercises encouraging problem solving from different industry perspectives. 

This course, focused on global strategies, helps develop emergency & risk management specialists within your company. We will deliver a series of presentations aimed at equipping the attendees with enough skills and experience to empower them to take responsibility for their team’s security and their personal security.

For more information about this courses or any of our training and crisis management consultancy please contact danhooton@spear-fish.com