Spearfish West Africa leads on essential Security Awareness Training travelling to clients in the field

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We offer Security Awareness Training across the globe as well as UK. Our team of experienced trainers and Regional Security Advisors come to your offices and depending on your requirements can spend 1/2 day or a full day with your team.

Yesterday, Neal Peckham, our Nigeria Security Manager, took one of Nigeria based clients through the Bi-Annual Security Awareness Training session.

The purpose of this training is to educate staff on the current security situation in their environment, to refresh their memories on personal security awareness and equip them to develop new techniques and methods that are essential when facing possible security issues both during and after working hours.

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This refresher training is part our clients security management strategy in meeting Duty of Care obligations to its staff whilst coincidentally evidencing commitment to safety and security to their respective clients.

As a result of this training, staff should be better equipped to identify indicators to potential threats in their work and home environments, to quickly assess clear and present threats and to respond appropriately.

Other topics addressed included health and safety management in the office environment, fire prevention and response drills and information on defensive driving.