2019 Carta Rallye

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Life on the Desert Road with Dacia and Future Terrain

By Mat Shcraeder, Head of Partnerships and Training

01 April 2019

I arrived in Marrakech last Thursday the 28th of March just a day ahead of the arrival of our latest client, representatives from a large automotive manufacturer and three journalists who were travelling to Morocco to witness the culmination of months of work and collaboration with the UK based charity Future Terrain, participate in the Carta Rallye, an event not dissimilar to the world-famous Dakar Rally.

Future Terrain is a charity that works with and supports ex-servicemen, many of them dealing with the traumatic effects from their service. Spearfish Security is also a supporting and sponsoring partner to Future Terrain.

Prior to leaving Winchester, the Spearfish team prepared for the tasking. Building a country-wide Security Risk Assessment, Route Planning, safe-havens identification, emergency contact numbers, contingency planning to manage unexpected events.


We secured & confirmed essential kit and equipment required for the task from satellite trackers and phones, camp cots and sun protection and any other logistics and administrative details to facilitate a smooth as possible trip for our client.

Once the client team and journalists arrived at the airport the following day, a two-day road-move to the Rallye start point over the high Atlas Mountains to the edge of the Sahara Desert began.

Arriving in Boudenib we met up with the Future Terrain team who had driven all the way from the UK to Morocco over 5 days.

Over the course of the week I escorted the client team and accompanying journalists across the Moroccan Desert as we followed the Future Terrain as they competed in the Carta Rallye. All the while, the Winchester office were tracking our movements and keeping me updated and informed with changes to the evolving security situation in the country.

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03 April 2019

I’ve just returned from a 2 and half day round trip to Marrakech where I’ve delivered our client team and two of the journalists for their return trip home and am now back in the far east of Marrakech near Merzouga continuing to support the remaining journalist and an additional photographer as the Carta Rallye progresses.

It’s itinerary which includes changing bivouac sites every other day, resulting in driving more than 7 hours of driving time as they navigate their way through the Sahara Desert to their next staging site.