Spearfish & the Carta Rallye 2019

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Spearfish provided support & logistics to the Future Terrain Team across the desert

Spearfish have just successfully completed a job in the deserts of Morocco with a new client. Our motto: “Operating in an uncertain world” was really rather on point during the Morocco job, considering the frequent sandstorms, vast openness and general terrain of the desert.


Dacia UK looked to Spearfish to support their journey to the far eastern edges of Morocco to watch a charity for injured/disabled veterans and ex-servicemen they sponsor called Future Terrain participate in a desert rally race not unlike the famous Dakar rally races.

The support we provided focused on facilitating our clients need to achieve their objective of following the rally race participants with the least number of disruptions & obstacles possible.


In addition to the Dacia UK team, we supported a camera crew & journalists from Auto Car magazine as they filmed, photographed and wrote about the race. This meant driving the majority of the actual rally stages to “get the shot”.

While Morocco is relatively easy & safe to travel in and through, it can still pose threats and risks, however there are very real and distinct challenges to the region that can certainly have a significant influence on travels. Not least being the terrain and vast distances to cross.


We covered roughly 2,500kms across all manner of terrain, travelling from Marrakech over the high Atlas Mountains through Ouarzazate to Boudenib, Merzouga, M’Hamid and a number of points in between and back and forth to Marrakech a couple of times.

The Spearfish team managed & organised, drivers, hire cars, lodging and all other ancillary requests to providing a smooth as possible journey for our clients.

The end result being very positive feedback from the client Dacia UK, as well as Carta Rallye race organisers, the Future Terrain team and a desire within Spearfish to consider expanding our operations into more ventures like this.