Nigeria National Election Planning

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Happy New Year from the offices in the UK and our Spearfish West Africa team based here in Abuja. The Nigerian National Elections are fast approaching and we understand this is the time when a company takes its duty of care to its employees extremely seriously. Our advisors are ready and able to assist with your contingency planning and can develop a bespoke plan to be able to respond to unforeseen and/or unplanned events that can impact operations and life whether it be at work or at home.

 We have a depth of knowledge and experience in providing crisis management and response training, business continuity planning and direct support to your country teams. Spearfish has been operating in Nigeria for the last five years and has a good understanding of the current situation country-wide. Our Abuja based team are able to work directly with you and your teams providing a tailored level of service and support.

 Below is a snapshot of the services we currently provide. All services are fee-based with the exception of our daily email alerts which we offer for free.

  • Collated and distributed by SF members every day by 1100hrs.

  • 2-3 lines outlining incident/event with hyperlink to original open-source report.

  • Information is confirmed to be reported in at least 2 verifiable 3rd party sources.

  • Free subscription


  • Produced in-house by Spearfish members & delivered every Friday AM.

  • In-depth write-up on specific events/incidences that may produce a significant impact in country.

  • Can be client AoR focused.

  • Fee-based subscription


  • Bespoke Spearfish consultancy support to help establish or review & revise the following:

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

  • Enhanced Standard Operating Procedures 

  • Determine critical staff, procedures, etc. 

  • Info bulletins, Phone trees

  • Crisis & Incident Management Planning (CIMP)

  • Who does What in the event of….


  • Communications 

  • Safe Havens 

  • Stocking emergency items 

  • Travel 

  • Journey management planning

  • Immigration protocol


  • Client focused areas of operations security analysis

  • Fee-based subscription

For more information about these services listed please get in touch directly Mat Schreader or Neal Peckham.