Crisis Management

Spearfish have significant experience as in-house corporate security advisors to major companies and in particular have devised and delivered large-scale CMT training programs on a global scale.

We have also managed a wide range of real incidents over a long period of time and can bring this experience to bear on supporting client’s operations when things go wrong.

We have created and delivered comprehensive CMT training programs in a variety of countries, including Pakistan, Nigeria, North America, Europe, Asia & India.

Crisis Management Process Cycle

  • Prevent - identifying, assessing and mitigating risks that could result in a crisis.  In certain circumstance activities, risks may be so high that they should be suspended.

  • Prepare - making plans and making provisions if Prevention fails and a crisis develops.  Activities include devising and formulating CMP’s, creating CM structures and conducting exercises.

  • Foreseeable Issue - a full response is not yet required, but a Foreseeable Issue Management Team (FIMT) should be formed.  They place a prevention strategy before the crisis comes into effect

  • Respond - takes place as a follow on to a Foreseeable Issue or can occur when a spontaneous crisis emerges. Sub-phases are Contain, Control and Manage.

  • Recover - CMT takes measures to return the organisation to normal operations and activities as soon as possible.

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For more information about crisis management please contact Dan Hooton