Marketing & Sales Assistant Spearfish South Asia


marketing & Sales Assistant - India

To ensure a comprehensive and tailored approach to building a viable market in South Asia

Overview of Approach by Spearfish South Asia

To ensure a comprehensive and tailored approach to building a viable market in South Asia, Spearfish South Asia will contract a Marketing & Sales Officer. The main objective for this role is to; attract and secure by a contract, viable market clients for the Spearfish South Asia team. The Marketing & Sales Officer would take but is not restricted to the following approach.

Fully understand the product and services that Spearfish South Asia offers:

The MSO is expected to be fully knowledgeable of the products and services on offer by Spearfish South Asia. He/She must be able to not only present in detail the offerings but also be comfortable enough with the products/services to be able to see when and how they can be applicable to the prospective client as well as know when and how to slightly adapt and adjust the offering if required to ensure a sale.

 Adaptive and comprehensive marketing approach:

The profile that will support the implementation of the marketing and sales strategy for SSA will not only build the SSA presence and reputation but also ensure operational value for money for all potential clients. Based on inputs from all Spearfish management levels in India and the United Kingdom, this will ensure a comprehensive, collaborative, flexible & inclusive approach. The goal is to anticipate and generate commercial opportunities and produce confirmed, contracted, invoiced results to be registered with Spearfish South Asia accounts with a high level of efficacy.


The role is considered a “static” role meaning that the Marketing and Sales Officer is not a travelling role but is based in either Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai identifying, communicating and making every effort to successfully commit prospective clients to contract SSA to deliver any of the products or offerings available.

Daily oversight and will come from the SSA Director or the Spearfish Marketing & Operations manager.

Daily Activities:

Identify potential clients for Spearfish South Asia;

·       Determine & identify potential marketing target sectors

·       Identify prime potential clients

·       Identify and approach key focal points for each identified potential client.

·       Produce contracted commitments from potential clients.

Develop Marketing material

·       Support Marketing & Operations manager with South Asia specific marketing approaches & materials.

·       Any other reasonable tasks as determined by the SSA director.


·       Experience in Sales, marketing & advertising in India/South Asia.

·       English language AND local language essential.

·       Demonstrable IT knowledge and skills compulsory (Microsoft office suite, word processing, etc.)

·       Motivation for Sales

·       Product Knowledge

·       Self confidence

·       Client relationships and prospecting skills

·       Ability to work independently as well as in a team (both expat and national staff)

·       Adaptability, flexibility and diplomacy.

·       Demonstrable problem-solving skillset.

·       Understanding/comprehension of the commercial marketplace in India.

·       Politically and culturally aware and sensitive.

·       Effective relationship builder.

·       Patience and strong character.

·       Able to cope with stress and work in an unstable context.

Closing date for applications is 11th October, 2019 . For more information about this role please contact Rosie Turner or Amit Darshan