Central and Francophone Africa Regional Security Advisor - VACANCY CLOSED

Regional Security Advisor

Opportunity for an experienced Central and Francophone Africa Regional Security Advisor (RSA) to provide security advice and support to multiple development sector projects, operating across central Africa and Francophone Africa regions. Must be a French and English speaker.

1. Summary of Duties

a. Monitoring and Evaluation

b. Training/ Mentoring

c. Operations

d. Commercial

e. Administrative


2. General

a. The position will be based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, but regular travel is required throughout the region. There may be requirement for occasional travel in the wider African continent or to the UK.

b. The RSA reports to the Spearfish Senior Security Advisor.

c. The RSA liaises directly with client project field staff, headquarters staff and Global Security Manager on security matters in their operational regions.


3. Monitoring and Evaluation

a. Conduct risk assessments on areas of operation to define the risk level and resulting Preventive Security Requirements (PSR).

b. Review the compliance of projects and the country office with PSR.

c. Supporting country and project management in the production and maintenance of security plans and briefings.

d. Oversight of project journey management system.

e. Inspection of project vehicles, accommodation, offices and work places in order to ensure compliance with PSR.


4. Training/Mentoring

a. Conduct relevant security awareness training for staff/consultants, including enumerators and field survey teams.

b. Coordinate specialist training in first aid, driving, fire safety and other disciplines as required by project and country offices.

c. Conduct relevant security management training for designated project Security Focal Points (SFP), Accountable Position Holders (APH) and Managers.

d. Conduct project and country level Critical Incident Management Training.


5. Operations

a. Provide support to projects in coordinating secure transport, equipment, offices, accommodation, tracking systems, communications, alerts and response services.

b. Maintaining a Security Information Network in areas of operations including law enforcement agencies, development community practitioners and civil society contacts.

c. Providing information updates to projects in a timely manner.

d. Security advisor to in country Critical Incident Management Teams.


6. Commercial

a. Oversee any regional security sub-contractors.

b. Identify Spearfish services to promote to projects including Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), specialist security details and tracking systems.

c. Assist Spearfish with the creation of budgets for Central and Francophone Africa focused work.

d. Introduce Spearfish potential new business leads and assist in preparation of Central and Francophone Africa focused presentations and proposals.


7. Administrative

a. Submit monthly timesheets to Spearfish.

b. Provide work acceptance documents for any sub-contractors utilised by Spearfish to support the client in Central and Francophone Africa.

c. Ensure operational documents are stored in Spearfish data storage system and locally backed up.

d. Ensure personal documents are maintained up to date with Spearfish head office.


8. Spearfish Values and Principles

a. Spearfish have zero tolerance attitude towards any form of corruption.

b. Spearfish have zero tolerance towards workplace bullying.

c. Spearfish foster diversity and inclusivity in the work place.

d. Spearfish maintain client confidentiality and comply with the requirements of UK data protection regulations.


Please provide expressions of interest with a CV and covering letter tomail@spear-fish.com