Austen Pabor is a Security Coordinator for Spear Fish West Africa in Abuja Nigeria, supporting DFID/USAID developmental project/programs & NGOs in risk & journey management. Austen has grown a massive amount of experience & knowledge in the Risk Management/Mitigation, Safety & Security, Operation/Fleet Management, participated in the HEAT training, conducted standard security trainings for Security Focal Persons for develop programmes in Nigeria, experienced in “High Level Expert Extractions”  CPO tasking for High Level Personalities/Experts, He has managed the  security and safety in “Asset auctioning” by DFID in Abuja.  Austen has managed Corporate relationships and has been part of a team that enhanced the security apparatus of organisations in Nigeria.

 Austen has held roles ranging from Operations to Security Manager from 2016 to date, in that time interval, he acquired experience in Operations Coordinator roles,Fleet Manager, Journey Management Coordinator roles, Security Coordinator and a Security Manager role for Palladium.

 Austen has acquired a level 5 Crisis and Risk Management/Mitigation qualification and has got a BSc in Economics.